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Shopon Tal, giving 100% guaranteed dollar VoIP reseller in The world. And Bkash Flexiload Reseller service

Shopon Tal, giving 100% guaranteed dollar VoIP reseller in The world. And Bkash Flexiload Reseller service


Dear expatriate brothers

★★★★★★★ Asalamuwalaikum

Shopon Tal, giving 100% guaranteed dollar reseller in The world. Continue our line once. We believe in honesty. Our line is going very well by the will of the great Rabbul Alamin. Our other services:

  1. Dollar Reseller.
  2. Development Reseller.
  3. Bkash Server Hosting Sales.
  4. Online Bkash Reseller Service
  5. V, P, N reseller.
  6. Calling card printing service.

. Calling card reseller service.

Web hosting domain sells

Web Design & Devloping.

. Route sales.


Our server is operated by own company.


Shopno Corporation’s dollar reseller facility:


Our Dollar Reseller is 100% secure.

Our dollar reseller has no cutting, no jumping, if you can catch it you will get some bonus including refund.

Our Dollar Reseller offers a variety of advanced dialer services through which you can make calls from any country.

Our Dollar Reseller has its own gray line through which you can talk more for less money and speak in a clear voice.


In our dollar reseller you will get the facility of making calling card by which you can create calling card effortlessly.

We sell U, S, D resellers and BD resellers.


100 = 8400 Taka

100 = 6800 Taka

100 dollars = 1500 Taka

Contact us today to do business with dollars.

Advantages of Bkash Reseller of Shopno Corporation———————————————————————-Our development reseller has a device lock system through which your account will be protected at all times.You can flexiload and Recharge in 5 seconds from our bKash account.(Shopon Tel Pro)You can get apps and resellers in our bKash account.
27 in flexiload.  From our reseller you can develop, Flexiload, Internet, rocket Banking. ০০100% Auto Development Reseller. You can start with bKash reseller 1000 rupees. You can take our service from any part of the world. Contact our helpline today to get our support in Bengali, Hindi, Englishএ At our bKash reseller you will get bKash and flexiload commission of Rs.

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